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Santa Fe Black & White creates its black and white landscape photography with an iPhone. Amazing photographs aren't made, they're discovered and having the camera in the pocket, at the ready, allows for instant capture. Perfect light and shadows don't wait for you to set up the tripod and adjust the focus. If we see a beautiful composition, we take the shot immediately. 


After the image is captured it's taken into Adobe Photoshop where it's resized, color adjusted and prepared for final entry into a collection. All of our images are set up as RGB at 300 dpi, so you receive a high-resolution image that you can use for personal or commercial use. And many of our black and white landscape photographs started as full color images, so if you prefer color please reach out to us and we can send you the color version, if it's available. Just contact us here.

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It's brought into Adobe Photoshop and manipulated to create a stunning black and white image.

The photo is captured.

You buy and download it, then go have a fantastic print made and framed. 

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